You need sustainable funding, but you do not know where to start

What is it?

There are many different types of funding vehicles depending on the stage and size of your organisation. We will help you identify the potential options that will match your needs.  In addition, depending on your requirements we will work with you on your proposal and pitch to secure funding.


  • Introduction to the funding process
  • Identify the potential funding options to meet clients needs
  • Enable you to build the funding proposal and/or pitch
    • Understand the criteria and objectives and meet timelines
    • Articulate the Value proposition and customers unmet needs
    • Outline the specific problem solved
    • Describe concisely the solution offered
    • Express the significant differentaition versus competitors
    • Show the evidence of how the solution satisfies the need
    • Identify the risks and barriers
    • Detail the team’s domain expertise
    • Declare how the funding will be used
    • Express the impacts in non-jargon language
    • Persuade the funder why you should receive this funding

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