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Empowering Circular Economy Growth: UpThink and CUPHAT Collaboration



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The Requirement

The objective of the Coastal Uplands and Heritage (CUPHAT) initiative, led by University College Dublin (UCD), Aberystwyth University (AU), and the Dyfed Archaeological Trust (DAT), was to revitalise underdeveloped areas in coastal uplands regions of Ireland and Wales, focusing on enterprise development, circularity, and community empowerment.



UpThink was selected for its extensive experience across various sectors to create a Circular Economy program for CUPHAT, promoting innovation, circularity, and strategies for circular business models that have a positive impact on the economy, environment, and society.

The programme was designed to meet the diverse  needs of 12 enterprises and 30 participants over a six-month period, focusing on business growth and the development of circular economy skills.

 Workshops covered:

  1. Circular Business Models
  2. Coastal Uplands, Heritage Integration and Community Engagement
  3. Circular Design and Frameworks
  4. Funding and Action Planning

Coaches provided personalised guidance throughout the programme.



Achievements included:

  1. Launched 4 start-up enterprises with sustainable and circular business models.
  2. Enhanced 4 existing businesses by integrating circular principles.
  3. Advanced 4 community projects gaining momentum with strategic funding and planning.

This programme cultivated a Circular Economy promoting business innovation, community empowerment and a sustainable foundation for lasting economic, environmental, and societal prosperity.

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