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Sean McNulty




Sean McNulty is an entrepreneur, designer and innovation specialist. As chairman and founder of Dolmen, a product design business, he has designed and developed global award-winning services and products. Sean helps clients pick winning ideas using Lean, design-centred and customer front-end discovery processes, resulting in a 30% acceleration in new products and business development.

Sean’s customer and human-centric approach, combined with his more than 25 years’ of hands-on industry experience, ensures clients can grow and scale their businesses quickly.

Programmes include: Stanford’s Bio Design/ NUIG Bio Innovate programme; DCU Ryan Academy; Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Management program in support for L4G programme and IRDG.

Clients include: Diageo, Hollister, Conidian, PepsiCo, Glen Dimplex, SKI, Roca.

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