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Pathways to the Circular Economy Webinar Series

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The Requirement

MODOS, an all-Ireland initiative, is committed to actively promoting the Circular Economy, and supporting small businesses. Recognising the importance of advancing sustainable practices, Dublin City Council selected UpThink Innovation Agency as the partner to effectively manage and deliver the Circular Economy webinar series.


  1. Share knowledge on circular economy principles and opportunities.

  2. Encourage businesses to participate in discussions with industry experts and stakeholders.

  3. Support businesses in transitioning towards circular practices.


Engagement and Participation

The webinar series comprised of four focused sessions spanning four weeks, explored various facets of the Circular Economy. It attracted a diverse global audience of over 500 attendees, including SMEs, corporations, professionals, policymakers, government agencies, academia, and environmental organisations. Expert panels and guest speakers from organisations like Monaghan Mushrooms, Circuleire, WRAP, and Viva Green, enriched the discussion with their insights. 

Key topics covered:

  1. What is the Circular Economy?

  2. The Future of Food and Bio-based Systems.

  3. Financing the Circular Transition.

  4. Re-Thinking Packaging in the Circular Economy.



The webinar series effectively enhanced understanding of circular economy principles, stimulated strategic and financial planning for green transitions, introduced sustainable packaging innovations, and inspired action towards circular business models. It also facilitated networking, uniting stakeholders in advancing the circular economy dialogue and fostering sustainable business practices.


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