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Transformational Leadership in Sustainability



The Requirement

As businesses face increasing pressure to adopt sustainable and ESG practices, significant opportunities are also emerging. Senior executives are tasked with integrating these practices into their strategic planning, ensuring a balance between economic growth and environmental and social impacts. Leaders adept at navigating sustainability challenges can create ESG-compliant, regulatory-resilient business models that also yield positive environmental and societal outcomes.


Engagement and participation 

UpThink, in collaboration with IMI and UCC ERI, led a comprehensive sustainability programme, over six months, involving six organistaions, with over 30 C-suite and senior leaders. It focused on enhancing sustainability skills, sharing knowledge, and fostering a collaborative peer network, all while benefiting from industry experts insights.  

Participants engaged in six workshops and coaching, through a blend of in-person and virtual sessions, with industry expert guidance for each project.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Forward Thinking Sustainability Strategies: Addressing global sustainability challenges, crafting long-term visions, systems thinking, and integrated ESG into strategic planning, with valuable insights from guest speakers.
  2. Leadership for Sustainable Transformation: Navigating complex change, embodying sustainability leadership traits and making effective decisions amidst complexity.
  3. Inspiring Sustainability: Strategies for identifying risks and opportunities, fostering a positive impact mindset, nurturing co-creative cultures, and driving impactful change.
  4. Engaging Stakeholders: Mastering techniques, communication for sustainable change, and cultivating a sustainability culture.
  5. Measuring Sustainability: Exploring the ESG landscape, regulatory/reporting requirements, and identified/mitigated ESG risks.
  6. Practical Application:  Implementing knowledge into action through industry projects. 


The programme equipped over 30+ leaders with strategies for integrating ESG into long-term planning, enhancing leadership for sustainable change, and fostering a culture of sustainability.  Participants developed forward-thinking sustainability strategies through industry projects and improved stakeholder engagement. The outcome was a network of leaders capable of driving sustainable practices and effectively reporting on ESG metrics within their sectors.


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