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You need sustainable funding, but you do not know where to start



What is it?

Various funding options are available to meet your organisation's specific needs based on its stage and size. We assist in identifying potential options and collaborate on developing strong proposals and pitches to securing funding.

Who is it for?

Our funding strategies serve a wide range of organisations, from early-stage ventures to scaling companies.  We help identify tailored funding options, offering support in securing funding necessary for your growth and success.


How Does It Work?

Our Funding Approach includes: 

  • Identify the potential funding options

  • Develop funding proposal and pitch

  • Understand the criteria, objectives and timelines

  • Articulate the value proposition and customers needs

  • Outline the specific problem and solution

  • Highlight differentiation from competitors

  • Provide evidence of solution's effectiveness

  • Identify the risks and barriers

  • Emphasise the team’s expertise

  • Specify the funding allocation 

  • Communicate impacts effectively

  • Persuade funders for approval 

As part of this process we connect you to potential investors and industry experts, expanding your network and reach within the investment community, including engaging with both private and public stakeholders, to achieve your funding goals.


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