UpThink offers a network of innovation thinkers from a range of backgrounds and industries.

Our passion is helping people unlock their potential and grow their future.  We develop competencies and capabilities to scale companies.

Mary Cronin

Mary Cronin is an entrepreneur, growth strategist and innovator. Over the last eight years she has founded three successful companies that help clients and entrepreneurs transform and grow their businesses.

Kathryn Lynch

Kathryn is an innovator and problem solver, with 20+ years’ professional experience. Entrepreneurial from an early age, Kathryn has founded and scaled businesses in the professional services and retail sectors. She has an extensive track record for translating ideas into action and making things happen.

Sean McNulty


Sean McNulty is an entrepreneur, designer and innovation specialist. As chairman and founder of Dolmen, a product design business, he has designed and developed global award-winning services and products.

Aoife Salizzo

Aoife is a Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineer, an Irish Energy sector professional and business and sustainability consultant. Aoife regularly works with UpThink Innovation Agency on projects around ESG reporting, and circular design.

Dr. Hilary Kenna

Dr. Hilary Kenna is an entrepreneur, designer and Head of Department of Technology and Psychology at IADT. With 20+ years’ experience in strategic design, Hilary specialises in UX design and data visualisation, with international successes in commercialisation research projects. Hilary is an international speaker on her published research work.

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