Pathways to the Circular Economy.

The purpose of our webinar series was to create awareness of the circular economy.  We discussed opportunities, challenges and the benefits of circularity. The series topics are as follows and there are videos and slides for each:-

1.  What is the Circular Economy?

What is the case for the circular economy? Discover the opportunities, challenges and gaps.


2.  The Future of Food and Bio-Based Systems

The world population is to exceed 9.8bn by 2050.  Food production needs to increase by 70% and net emissions reduced to zero.  What are the circular opportunities for growth in your business?  


3.  Financing the Circular Transition

The funding landscape and options. How is the transition financed? What are the funding options available to you? 


4.  Re-thinking Packaging in the Circular Economy 

What is the future of packaging of our goods and food?  Plastics has a role to play. Is it using plastic differently? There’s no single answer but we’ll discuss the options and opportunities.

Watch Webinars

Webinar Hosts

Mary Cronin_IMG_0227-BW

Mary Cronin

Founder, UpThink Innovation Agency

Mary is an advocate of circularity and the development of circular and bio-based economies.  She works with SMEs, and large organisations to create strategies to develop circular and bio based business models to generate growth.  As a technologist she combines her expertise with innovation and design to create scaling opportunities, enabling companies to transition to a low carbon future.  


Dr. Cera Slevin

Founder, Climate Matters

Cera is passionate about climate risk and the development of the green economy. She shares her expertise with other companies, to help them assess climate risk, understand their responsibilities and explore the opportunities of a new green economy.


Dr. Joanne Rourke

Resource Efficiency Officier, Eastern-Midlands Waste Plan Management Office

Joanne is an Environmental Scientist working in the Eastern-Midlands Waste Plan Management Office since 2016.  Joanne’s domain expertise includes environmental communication, policy and research, particularly in the area of waste management.  Joanne promotes interdisciplinary collaboration to enact behavioural change and tackle environmental issues.