Enabling business leaders to transition from linear to circular strategies

What is it?

CIRCULAR BASED LEADERSHIP begins with the board’s and the leadership team commitment to building circular business strategies. We help organisations develop the skills and abilities of established or emerging leaders to think in terms of circularity. We build on established leadership qualities, developing creative and agile leaders that are equipped with insight, frameworks and tools to grow your business towards circularity and sustainability.


  • Develop circular thinking creating a sustainable leadership style to deal with change and disruption

  • Gain insights about shifts from traditional, top-down structure towards a team-centric, outcomes-driven organisation

  • Develop capabilities including autonomy, agility and self-management

  • Introduce principles of responsive organising

  • Learn how to build individual and team accountability

  • Develop a culture that attracts and retains talent, empowers employees, and values innovation and circularity

  • Utilise the power of leading, self-management models to optimise employee skills, increase productivity to create trusting collaborations

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