The secret to innovation is not blue sky thinking. It’s understanding that the sky is in fact, not blue.

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Design.  Circular.  Strategies.

Circularity can only grow when it is designed and integrated into the core of your business.  A circular strategy needs clear choices from early design stages through its lifecycle.


Consulting. Workshops. Frameworks.

Are you an SME or a business that needs growth? Tell us the problem, the challenge or the opportunity and we will discuss your options.


Leadership. Mentoring. Coaching.

Create agile leaders and equip them for transformation in a fast moving environment.  Empowering and supporting leaders in business to make and drive critical decisions to reach better outcomes.

Innovation isn’t magic, or shooting for the stars. It’s understanding that the path you’re travelling isn’t the only option.

Our Thinking

Why is paediatric medical technology stuck in the stone age?

Why is paediatric medical technology stuck in the stone age?

There is no such thing as a baby pacemaker. For children with an irregular heartbeat, the only option is an adult device. That’s why when baby Sarah was born with a heart defect; she had an adult pacemaker wedged into her stomach because there wasn’t enough room in...

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“We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.”